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Zara Maria Larsson was born on December 16, 1997 in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. She is a Swedish singer and songwriter. Zara Larsson is a very famous person all over the world, but she is most popular in the United States and her home country, Sweden. The girl from an early age interested in music. In 2007 she became a finalist of the Swedish talent contest Stjärnskott, and then played in the musical Sound of Music. 2008 was a breakthrough year in her career. This year, Zara Larsson took part in the second edition of the Talang and she was first noticed by a wider audience. Then a young girl, she became the winner of this talent show, winning 500 thousand Swedish crowns. In the final, young Zara Larsson sang Céline Dion’s song “My Heart Will Go On”, and her performance has been viewed on YouTube more than 15 million times. Interestingly, after the program, her version of the song “My Heart Will Go On” was released as her debut single. The song was extremely popular on the official Swedish sales list. By reading the following text you will learn how to get Zara Larsson phone number and many interesting facts about her career.

Zara Larsson music career

Zara Larsson music career after Talang

After winning at Talang, the young girl returned to her daily life and we had to wait a moment for her new song. In 2013 she released her debut EP called Introducing, which featured 5 premiere songs. Material was sold over 120,000 copies in the country, and received three platinum status. Composition has recorded very high positions on the sales lists in Europe. In July of the same year, singer released second minialbum Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself. This album sold slightly worse, however, it got gold status anyway. In August 2013 the singer was awarded Rockbjörnen prestigious awards in the categories: Best Live Singer and Breakthrough of the Year. In 2014, her next single “Carry You Home” was #3 on the Swedish singles chart and was certified double platinum. In the summer of the same year, once again she was awarded Rockbjörnen awards in the category Best Live Singer. October 1, 2014 was released her debut studio album which was in the first place on the sales list in Sweden. This album sold over 40,000 copies and received platinum status.

Zara Larsson singing

Zara Larsson did not stop on achievements to date and worked on the next album. At the beginning of 2015, the singer co-operated with American label Epic Records and released another EP Uncover, which was dedicated to the international market. In June of this year, appeared another single titled “Lush Life”. This song became a hit in many countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and New Zealand. In July, she released her next single “Never Forget You”, recorded in a duet with British singer nicknamed MNEK. This song also became an international hit. Another opportunity to show a wider audience was the European Football Championship where the official anthem of the event was the song “This One’s for You” which Zara Larsson recorded with French DJ David Guetta. In March 2017 was released her second studio album, titled So Good. Success, personality, extraordinary talent, all this made the Zara Larsson is currently one of the most popular young singers and many people would like to contact her by phone or even e-mail. Unfortunately this is not possible because such data are not generally available to all, but some people managed to get the current Zara Larsson phone number and email address. The best part is that they decided to share Zara Larsson cell phone number and email with fans. If you want to know how to get Zara’s number or other contact information, read below.

Zara Larsson phone number (text messages conversation)

Zara Larsson phone number, whatsapp, email address

Surely you are wondering if there is a possibility of contact with such a great star like Zara Larsson. Of course it exists, and as proof you have the above screenshot. Thanks to Zara Larsson phone number and email and you can contact her and it is definitely more exciting experience than writing comments under the videos. Probably a few of you think that it can not be real Zara Larsson cell number because probably only a few people have it. Others think so, but as you can see in the picture above, it works, but you do not have to believe it, someone else will use it. Many fans would like to have direct contact with her and Zara Larsson whatsapp, phone number and email address it allows them. Before you use Zara Larsson’s phone number or email, you must remember some important rules. The most important is not to curse, be nice, first write a text message and then you can call if Zara agrees. You can not abuse contact information as it will be changed immediately. If you have any question, do not forget to write a comment!

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