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At the American Music scene is more and more people in the very young age. Some are more successful, while others appear only briefly and then you do not hear about them. Jojo Siwa certainly belongs to the first group and it seems that her career has a bright future. If you want to know some facts about Jojo, read more.

JoJo Siwa Biography

Probably most of you know the reality series Dance Moms. Just after appearing in this TV show, Jojo Siwa gained great popularity. First contact of a young girl with the tv was when she appeared in the second season of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Jojo was the youngest participant. She was among the finalists and was eliminated in the ninth week.

Now maybe some information about her life. JoJo Siwa was born on May 19, 2003, in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. Her parents are Jessalynn and Tom Siwa. JoJo Siwa has an older brother who is also a dancer. We can say that it is a family of dancers. JoJo Siwa has many talents, she is a great dancer, singer, actress, and model. Certainly it is thanks to her mother that she has achieved such success. Certainly it is thanks to her mother, the girl reached such a success, because a girl at the age of five years was interested in this and mother supported her.

JoJo Siwa is a very popular artist who has many fans. The video for her 2016 song “Boomerang” has over 125 million views on YouTube. The young singer will probably continue to create songs that have a chance to gain even greater success than the “Boomerang” and will lead a young star on the top. JoJo has many fans and certainly among them are those who would like to have direct contact with her. For them there is good news, because we have current JoJo Siwa phone number / email address that allows it to you. See below for more info.

How to get current JoJo Siwa phone number and email address

JoJo Siwa Phone Number Conversation

You are on this website because probably want to contact JoJo Siwa. There are many fans like you and there is nothing wrong with that. We managed to get JoJo Siwa’s phone number / email and decided to share this with you. Of course, getting current JoJo’s email address and cell phone number can not be too simple, because it would probably be abused which would result in a change. So to get JoJo Siwa phone number or email address, you have to go through the anti spam protection. Remember, when you get cell phone number or email address (real), be nice, do not swear and do not abuse it. These simple rules will result that contact information longer be valid.

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  1. Hi JoJo I love you so much you are the best dancer I have posters all around my room of you and YouTube is blowing up on you JoJo best person ever. Hey jojo im your best fan and madie,you guy are the best people. The thundermens all theses shows that you have been in so much.

  2. Hi jojo you are so pretty

  3. Hi JoJo, my name is Jasmine and I have loved you ever since i’ve first seen you on dance moms and I always go to Claire’s. I love your styles so just saying can you call me.

    1. Oh my gosh I so so so so so so so so so so so love ❤️????????❤️???? you so much I watch all your video. I got inspired by you you are so beautiful and plus you’re the dance floor Queen your moves are so on ????????????.No one will be able to win a dance competition with you.❤️♥️❤️????????????????❣️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

  4. Sheriybrown says:

    Hi I’m your big fan jojo

  5. Hi I LOVE YOU JOJO I also love Mattyb you’re friend he is so cute,how old is Mattyb I am 18

  6. Julia Hooper says:

    Hi it’s Julia I’m your biggest fan I have seen all of your dance moms shows. You are so pretty and so cool. I love you.????❤️

  7. Hey jojo!!! I love your bows I tried making them but yours were way better than mines!!!! I wish I could see you in real life!!!!!!!!!!! My siblings and I are a big fan of you!! We all love you so much ❤️ love????????

  8. I love you so much “kiss”kiss”

  9. lilly and my mom says:

    Hi JoJo,
    I love to watch you sing and dance. My favorite song is Boomerang. My Mom loves it too! and i what to no where do you live from;lilly to;jojo

  10. Partylover47 says:

    Jojo im you biggest fan,and I love ???? you sooooo much,and don’t forget ima like boomerang

  11. I love you Jojo and one day I went to school with a jojo bow and then everyone got one

  12. Hi JoJo! I watch your YouTube videos all the time! I love you JoJo!!!❤️????????????????

  13. Hi JOJO love you so much you are soo pretty and I want to be famous just like you!!????????????

  14. Kenda Marie Finch says:

    hi Jojo I watch ur utube videos and I think there oh so awesome.
    and ur mom is sooo nice I need her to be my mom ????????????????

  15. Hi jojo im your biggest fan i love your music videos????????????

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